Launceston Cup Carnival


Back again with a vengeance, this time we wanted to deliver greater impact, bigger visuals, and set a more professional, visually appealing tone.

Our idea for the campaign was simple: tell the story of the carnival and make it look larger than life, super elegant, and visually stimulating. Principally, we wanted people to see these pieces in their feed and be enticed to buy tickets to the cup, and have an association connected to the event - giving them a feeling for what it’s about. More ticket sales, better awareness, and more professionalism.

Speed of turnaround, paid promotion, and better production values were my goals with this shoot & edit, and I think we delivered.

The edits are split between myself and Peter Forsyth, shot using the Sony A6300 and 5D3 - to accompany each I also shot a set of photos to be used in publications, media and productions throughout the year.