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Our Portfolio

Modern marketing is more art than science.

Below you can find a diverse selection of our favourite work we've performed for clients across a diverse array of industries. They are businesses you will recognise: your best bars, your favourite team, your #1 app, your coolest station.

Their common thread, is a compelling product that needs a unique, clear, channel out to the world.

This is Beetle Black: a creative agency that specialises in interesting media designed to tell your story, and grow your business, your brand.






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The Tasmanian Hospitality Association, the state's leading organisation supporting & representing Hospitality Businesses, Employees, Owners. Beetle Black teamed up with the organisation to build a ground-up digital presence that defined the brand, and crucially, drove to achieve the goals laid out in their "2020 Vision".



The THA's "2020 vision" is a high-level vision statement that seeks to lay out the organisation's mission through the later part of the decade. Built on feedback and research   it's grounded by core requirements for industry: from improving career prospects to improving efficiency, evolving the customer experience and growing the quality of an industry which is the vanguard of the local tourism experience.

We developed an actionable framework based on the vision which leverages digital technology and multiple platforms to create the change they seek, and communicate the work of the organisation across the calendar. 

It's a simple idea, but a powerful one. The THA represents an industry which is the vanguard of local tourism, the first port of call and the custodian of memories. In 'One Passion: One Purpose' we codified that in a rallying cry.

It's a simple idea, but a powerful one. The THA represents an industry which is the vanguard of local tourism, the first port of call and the custodian of memories. In 'One Passion: One Purpose' we codified that in a rallying cry.


Core to our digital strategy was a grounding concept, a singular idea that would span everything we developed. A statement which defines everything they do and the role they play in the community.

This is the concept we developed: one passion, one purpose. 

In communicating this vision we created a narrative, told by members of the story of the THA. Spanning seven locations, the video sums up the brand, but also inspires. It's the story of an industry and a feeling of what it means to be in hospitality.

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A strategy without action is worthless. As part of our collaboration, we developed a number of series and promotions centred around the core strategic goals of the THA. Whether driving for growth in industry, expanding the capability of the workforce, or helping sections of industry adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. Simultaneously, we built a feedback channel to provide a unified place for members to offer their feedback, and provide legislators and industry bodies with a clear voice.

THAT Golf Day 0261.jpg


As an organisation the THA consistently organises events to promote its agenda, strategy and forward direction, often also supporting charities and philanthropic causes. We developed a series to capture these events and telegraph them to members and followers. Rather than individual events that quickly fade in time, the association now has a growing body of evedence that tells the story of their mission and highlights their value to the audience.



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In 2017 the Hobart Chargers underwent a massive transformation, from debt to profit, from obscurity to near league champions. We built a cutting-edge multimedia package that blew the Chargers to NBA-level epic ness.

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'Regional sporting club' is not a synonym for clear messaging. We fixed that. 

Working with the Chargers' team we built an online presence to rival an NBA, with big graphics, exciting content and a layout that's interesting and accessible. The biggest challenge with every brand is creating a website that has a reason for being. By distilling the core information, mapping-out visitor use cases, and considering the platforms the team wanted to be involved with, we created a portal of usefulness that's the lynchpin of a revitalised brand and a rapidly growing fanbase.

Hobart Chargers | BB Website (1 of 1)-17.jpg


One word: Stampede. 

Whether it's creating half-time hype or a mid-season pickup, we deployed a combination of video concepts through the season. From capturing the excitement of game three to post on facebook, or promoting the new store, we harnessed a critical opportunity to use technology to our advantage and communicate the excitement and the passion that comes with being a fan. With game to game growth and a newly-fiscally sound brand, the strategy was a roaring success.

Hobart Chargers | BB Website (1 of 1)-6.jpg


Sponsors are critical to the success of any sports team, and for the Chargers it's no different. We set out to grow the reach, value and engagement with fans by combining the mascot with the brand for some simply produced videos showing off the antics of 'Rex the Rhino' exploring, adventuring and meeting Rex' many sponsors.

From a jog around the iconic hobart waterfront to get some Valhalla, to a visit to Northcity cars as an intern, we created a concept that delighted youngsters and oldsters alike.


Case three


A strategy conglomerate of unique venues, social hospitality co needed a clear digital presence and a strategic angle to promote their latest venue , and revamp an old classic..



In Sporties, we developed a website that was engaging and interesting, and fundamentally captured the experience. Incorporating compelling video and attractive photography with a sensible, user-focused layout, visitors are instantly presented with what they need in an appealing manner.

Everyone can build a website: it takes thought, design, and art to make a web presence that people actually want to visit. Beautiful and interesting:,au



Henry’s was a new concept for Launceston, combining modern Speakeasy style with 100-years of history. A contemporary restaurant, cocktail bar and thoughtful subway tile motifs needed a compelling and confident message.

We built a website around the concept of intrigue. 'Who is Henry' borrows from campaigns of local brewery forebears, and couples to a content program that evolves over time: it's a site that changes and evolves with the brand, all the while communicating intrigue, value and interest. 



Wedding venues are complex beasts to promote: the web presence we formulated threw out the complexity and created elegant sufficiency in branding an design. Wide open layouts and expansive photography, it becomes clear why this iconic venue is the ideal pair for your next occasion. 

Reinvigorating icons: Social Hospitality & Beetle Black.


Case Four

WOI Graphics pack_What's On In Logo with App Store - Dark.png

What's On In app is an events directory and engagement platform launched in 2016.
This is when 'I've Got an Idea for an App' meets awesome execution, and wicked marketing.


There's always something on: A campaign

From day-one the slogan for What’s On In has been compelling. With this campaign, we wanted to create a clear window into what the app does.

Using colourful double-exposures and a degree of focus, the campaign grew the platform by nearly 25% and went on to be displayed in Airports and venues statewide, across the internet, and on the Spirit of Tasmania.


What's On This Weekend: A series

Everyone can do Live Video with a phone and an internet connection. Have you noticed they're usually 15 minutes long and really boring though?

Live video done well is really interesting and engaging, it has a reason for being - offering the audience timely and interesting information. We set out to create a weekly series for What's On In to grow the brand, and give audiences something to tune-in to each week. Rather than 12 minutes of press release, shakily live-streamed from a field 📰, we brought high-production values and high-tempo goodness to the live-streaming space, and damn-near blew the doors off. Check out a selection of the series below:

Junction Arts Festival Launceston 2016 - What's On In App 013.jpg

the highlights: a lookback

As an app centred around events and experience, What's On In wanted to use digital media to create a feeling and a memory; a body of work that threaded their events and app platform together. 

Spanning events statewide, the highlights collection we developed captures the richness and magic of the Tasmanian events scene. Inexorbly tied to What's On In, it forms the perfect promotion tool to drive engagement after the event, and to promote the events in the subsequent calendar. Check out some of the most epic videos below:



It's all very well to tell advertisers what you do; it's a different kettle of fish to actually show them. 
We worked with Grant Broadcasters to create a showreel of their biggest events, to show off to clients.


Drawing crowds of over 15,000 people, Skyfire is one of the biggest free events in the Tasmanian calendar, drawing people from around the region to live entertainment, food, rides, and an epic fireworks display.


Covering three days and nearly one hundred vendors, the event brought advertisers, vendors and listeners together in a family-friendly and fun environment.


With a Mazda and prizes to giveaway, a spot at the gates for one of the biggest AFL matches of the year was a no-brainer. With all the stars out to meet and greet fans, it's the prefect opportunity to engage.